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Dubai 2017

I did some work recently for a restaurant in Dubai that will be opening in early April. I had the pleasure of working alongside a few other artists that added their own touch of colour to the space. @deyaaone @az_designer and @myneandyours.

Huge thanks goes out to Adulla Alabsi for bringing me out to Dubai. And thanks to Abdulla and Ahmed for their help. They made my life easy over the two week stay.


Wireless (2017)


VR (2017)


Creepin’ (2017)


Starving Artist (2017)


Venting (2017)



Image Not Available (2017)

Los Angeles – 2017

My photographer @freeluftsliv, and I headed down to Los Angeles for President’s Day weekend to throw up some new work around LA.

VR (2017)

Do we become assholes or something?

DTLA – S. Broadway.



The Magic Hour (2017)

Same time Tomorrow?

LaBréa – Pan Pacific Park



Pics or this Didn’t Happen… (2017)

Beverly Hills 90210



Pretty in Pink (2017)

Melrose Ave



Everything For Nothing (2017)

Venice Beach



The Right to Bear Arms (2017)

2nd Amendment.

East LA – Hollenbeck Park

Over and Out – Calgary

Over and Out (2016)

A hug for the broken-hearted.

Calgary, AB. 15 Minutes.


Over and Out

Over and Out


Hey Vancouverites and alike,

If you were blown away or midly bemused by this year’s Vancouver Mural Festival, then head on over to their go fund me page and throw them a few discontinued pennies to help them cover the cost of Kashink’s mural on Main and Broadway. If you don’t that’s fine, but one day you’ll pay…but probably not.


VMF 2016 – Vancouver Mural Festival

Huge thanks to David Vertesi for including me in the festivals inaugural year. Some local artists really showcased the kind of talent Vancouver has and the walls by Drew Young, Jay Senetchko, Nomi Chi, Scott Sueme and Ola Volo didn’t disappoint. Low Bros, Nevercrew and Kashink brought some international flavour to the Mural Festival.


Saying Goodbye w/ Ola Volo

Saying Goodbye 

iHeart X Ola Volo

Café Barney, Main and Broadway


Failure To Communicate

Failure to Communicate

Alley Behind F as in Frank, Broadway and Main St.


Follow 4 Follow

Follow 4 Follow

The Corner Store, Main St. and 10th Ave


The Missing Piece

The Missing Piece



Tag People

Tag People

East Broadway and Kingsway


Catch of the Day

Catch of the Day

Burrard Arts Foundation, Broadway Near Main St


I wanted to pay homage to the late Keith Haring in this piece titled IGNORANCE = DEATH. The title of the work is a tribute to the original Haring print, SILENCE = DEATH. Keith Haring’s work and charismatic style carried an energy that made him such a force.IMG_6276-crop IMG_6276-IG

Antisocial Media – Friday March 4, 2016

I’m excited to have two of my favourite street artists out of Calgary come out west for Antisocial Media. Opening Reception is tomorrow, Friday March 4, 2016 from 7-11. Hot Art Wet City, 2206 Main Street. I hope to see some lovely faces out there.


A collection of works by i♥️, Earthfolk and The Grominator made in the wake of several cliché personal experiences involving love, addiction, and stupidity. They both mourn and rejoice in this unsolicited education. The variety of mediums and styles marks a major creative transition, but each artwork retains a sense of self-reflection and an affinity for illustration.




Studio Purge

I would like to extend a huge thank you everyone who bought something in the studio purge. New work will be posted after the Antisocial Media show, which opens March 3, 2016 at Hot Art Wet City.

Thanks for all the support.


Work with Earthfolk & The Grominator

Back to work in Calgary. I’m really glad to have worked with two Calgary giants, The Grominator and Earthfolk. Looking forward to our show, Antisocial Media in March at Hot Art Wet City in Vancouver.

Beating the Buff

Beating the Buff w/ The Grominator

You're so Hawt Right Now

You’re so Hawt Right Now


HBD with Earthfolk (Eafo)

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